Le pitch

ShotClip is a social movie making platform where users make movies individually, collaboratively with friends or with a global crowd.


ShotClip is a social movie making platform where users make movies collaboratively with friends or with a global crowd. ShotClip’s patent pending approach to crowd movies enables 1000’s of users to collaboratively make the same movie on their smartphones and compete with each other to have their clip make it into the crowd movie. ShotClip is a community driven platform with self-propelling user content, whether you are big brand or an everyday user, you can start a social crowd movie campaign on ShotClip.
As of Feb-2015 ShotClip has over 85,000 users (50% USA, 40% South America, 10% Europe) with 5000 signups/month from free organic search. The Company has just launched its new social movie making platform on Web/Android.

Le projet

Whether you are big brand, an event-manager, tourist-board or everyday-user you can host a social crowd movie on ShotClip. The host of the crowd movie can have a private crowd (invitation only e.g. for a Wedding) or they can do a public global campaign (e.g. global promotion of a new product, event, movie or album)
ShotClip uses a freemium business model with in-app purchases for upgrades. Free users can have upto 5 users on a private project, if they want more users they have 2 options: The first is to upgrade to a $4/month premium package (20 users, HD renders) or an event package $200/year (200 users, HD renders). This enables the host to have complete control over the users who join the private project.
Free users also have a second option to turn their project into a public/global project. This will be free on ShotClip as it promotes open and public crowd generated content.

Le challenge

A key offering of ShotClip is competitive collaboration which is enabled by the director template for the movie. The director template is a shot-by-shot breakdown for the movie storyline. The host/admin user controls the director template and invited users collaboratively fill each shot in the storyline to make a movie. When a user clicks into a shot they can record a clip of their own or they can use a clip from the crowd. Using a clip from the crowd gives that clip a vote and hence the most popular clips rise to the top to form a Crowd View of the storyline. This enables competition amongst users to make it into crowd view and it also enables a social media campaign to evolve promoting the most popular clips and users.
To enable this ShotClip has built a patent pending system for crowd movies using technologies such as couchdB, node.js, angular.js, android and IOS.
ShotClip has raised over €600,000 in seed investment to date and has over 85,000 users with the new product launch of its crowd movie making app in March 2015.

La solution

ShotClip is built on the idea of a director templates. Each director template describes the storyline for the movie through a shot-list, users can then fill the shot-list template with video clips to make a movie.
The person who starts a project on ShotClip is called the director. They have full control of the director template and can modify the shotlist and storyline for the movie. The Director then invites friends to join the film crew and to help collaboratively shoot the shot-list for the movie.
This where it can get competitive because everyone can compete to be the most popular clip in each shot. It also enables different crowd views to be populated. E.g. crowd view based on most popular clips, crowd view based on newest clips etc.

ShotClip enables crowd generation of content and an associated marketing campaign to run in conjunction with the crowd movie, promoting the users, best clips, different crowd views of the movie and showing how it evolves. It is also social and enable users on the crowd movie to interact with eachother.


ShotClip is a new social movie making platform that is community driven. The crowd movies are started by users of ShotClip, the director templates on ShotClip are created by the community, we aim to have director templates for every tourist location in the world all created by the community.
ShotClip enables brand & event managers, tourist-boards or everyday-user to host a social crowd movie campaigns on ShotClip and to run an entire marketing campaign around the crowd movie.
ShotClip helps everyday users make compelling movies, individually, collaboratively with friends or with a global crowd.
To date ShotClip.com has over 85,000 users and our new crowd offering is just launching beta.shotclip.com in March 2015.

Déploiement international

85,000 users
50% USA
40% South America
10% Europe

ShotClip aims to scale to 1Million users in 2015.

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