Le pitch

Handling digital media files involve dealing with a vast and confusing variety of formats and codecs. Files can be large and difficult to share. ioGates man­ages me­dia file shar­ing, con­vert­ing, and dis­tri­b­u­tion in a pro­fes­sional webservice.


Handling digital media files involve dealing with a vast and confusing variety of formats and codecs. Files can be large and difficult to share, attaching files to an email can be tricky and viewing without downloading can be a problem.
ioGates has developed a simple solution to handling media files, that does not require advanced technical knowledge and can be securely managed from within a web browser. No more need to struggle with FTP client applications or rely on consumer focused file share services.
ioGates man­ages me­dia file shar­ing, con­vert­ing, and dis­tri­b­u­tion in a pro­fes­sional joined-up work­flow man­age­ment ser­vice.

Le projet

ioGates have from the start been developed to let non-technical users perform technical tasks and workflows. E.g. sharing media with clients, giving them the possibility to login to view the shared files and write comments back, without the need to download them first. For delivery the client can select what formats to download, and if enabled upload files back to the sender. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation used exactly this workflow in the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, to share files between the 37 countries. Central to the ioGates solutions is to have a single media exchange point for the project. This saves time and money, while giving an easy to use workflow for everybody involved.
ioGates is also used by many users as a long time archive, as ioGates is one of few services that handle broadcast video formats. By uploading the masters in full broadcast quality users can easily share, convert, distribute, publish to social media, and even create the final TV Masters. All from a simple user interface that works for many branches of video businesses: commercial agencies, TV stations, defense industries, video production, sports, or universities.

Le challenge

ioGates was founded 12 years ago when file based video was starting to replace VHS and DVD for approvals of commercials. However, sending video files was a big problem, mainly because the files were too big to be sent via email. Also internally in the production companies it was difficult to create the new digital formats and many people was involved in the process, it was very time consuming and inefficient.
In 2004 ioGates set out to solve these issues by creating a web based solution. However, with the physical media’s still ruling many did not see the potential at that time. The end client had to deal with FTP servers to get the files and issues with firewall rules and video format incompatibility was everyday issues. It was a struggle.
Today the world of video has changed and digital video files are everywhere, but the challenges are the same. Media files are big and still growing and formats are many. Sending professional video securely around and viewing on different devices is difficult. Communication is broken and spread over multiple mediums (email, phone, files, etc.). It is not usual for companies to have technical staff hired just to deal with the file handling.

La solution

The main idea for ioGates was to create a web based solution so that commercial agencies could have a full broadcast version of their master in the cloud and from this master migrate to other formats, share with their clients and manage the productions.
Over the years ioGates has been developed to fit the needs of the users and it is now a tool that can handle many different workflows in many different scenarios. All from supporting the one-man video freelancer to handling huge archives for enterprises or TV stations. Regardless of company size the only thing needed to use the ioGates service is a web browser.
A key feature of ioGates is the ability to quickly browse and find files in your library. Click a file and the preview is available instantly. When sharing files or folders the user get statistics and have full control over what the receiver can see and download.
Security is important when hosting clients media and therefore ioGates has optional two-factor authentication on accounts and shares.
ioGates specialises in custom workflows, e.g. distribution, video transcoding between vitally any format, publishing to social media, and automatic workflows based on filenames.


The main benefit of using ioGates is happy users and clients. Time is wasted on phones calls, emails, frustrated clients, due to wrong versions, download issues, upload issues, incompatible formats, FTP server issues, lost files, etc. and by using ioGates all of these issues are solved, users are happy and money is saved.

With ioGates you centralize all your media in the cloud, with no limit to type or size. Media files have a high production cost so they need to be managed or they will get lost. If the files are not in some kind of archive with meta data, you can spent a awful lot of time looking for a that special version of last years commercial.
Everybody know that securing your data in a backup is important, but many clients result to external hard disks, which is not a especially safe way to store data long term and you need to keep track of the metadata.

Main thing for everybody is time, so why not start saving time and money by centralize all your media in ioGates Cloud based Video Management.

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