Le pitch

Our platform helps businesses (24/7) create perfect videos and makes it easy to hire the best videographers, animators or video editors. Get inspired by the brilliant portfolios of over 1.700 movie professionals from 90 countries.


Movie makers platform to find and work (24/7) with the best global freelance video editors, animators and videographers to produce great videos. Our platform helps businesses create perfect videos and makes it easily to hire the best videographers, animators or video editors. View the brilliant portfolios of over 1.700 movie professionals from 90 countries. In contradiction to other freelancer platforms (marketplaces), Viedit is build for moviemakers to differentiate themselves and be recognised and chosen for their experiences, skills and creativity. We see that clients compare profiles of editors and choose based on their taste rather than price. Moreover, if a client uses the ‘Hire me’ button on the editors profile ONLY this editor gets a exclusive invite to respond to the clients project.

Le projet

Our freelancers create your short business videos

Your movies made by freelance video editors, animators & videographers. Hire the best professional movie makers direct (24/7) to produce great videos.

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Business have many opportunities to tell their stories with videos. However a powerful short movie requires many skills, effort and time to create. How to find and easily work with the best (creative, experienced and cost effective) freelancers, videographers, animators or video editors? We recognized the need and wanted to simplify this process.

Businesses can have their videos edited by an editor of their choice, based on language, style, quality and price, from home videos to corporate movies and animations. One can simply upload their video recordings, set preferences and select a favorite editor.
Viedit can also help corporates to obtain User Generated Videos of their clients by vouchering the video edit service. Video recordings are edited and enriched with relevant data creating high valuable internet content for corporates. There is no stronger promotion than authen

Le challenge

The number of ways that businesses can interact with their stakeholders using videos are rapidly increasing. Every day we watch multiple, especially short, videos on various devices. These movies require skills, creativity and time in order to become a compelling story. Freelancers can help you out here, but have you thought of the following:

How do you know in advance that the freelancer is creative, experienced and works cost efficiently?
How can you find the most suitable freelancer for your project?
How do you communicate your wishes clearly, come to an agreement and manage the process in its entirety?
How do you agree in advance that your payment is only transferred when you’re happy with the results?
Freelancers want their portfolio to be found and consequently draw in jobs that match their area of expertise, creativity and professional skills. They need their work to be endorsed and a guarantee that they’ll be paid when they’ve finished the project.

La solution

Viedit only showcases professional’s portfolios containing movies that have been uploaded on their YouTube or Vimeo channels. Both movies and editors can be favorited, which makes it easier for clients to find the most suitable professional who can do the job. Upon finishing the movie, the client rate the editor for on work. Both clients and movie makers can comment on the public work of an editor, which encourages everyone to give reviews and increases the quality of our community.

No-cure-no-pay-guarantee: Viedit only transfers the money to the editor or animator when the job is done.


Signups & beautiful profiles of 1.700 movie professionals from 90 countries creating a truly 24/7 multilingual video editing service.
We successfully processed movie projects for both consumers and small & medium businesses between €50,- and over €1.000,-.
Clients are satisfied and returning. We also have 8.000 followers on our movie makers blog & social media pages.
We are still bootstrapped and are open to discuss cooperation with parties to create more value to our freelancers and clients and all other stakeholders.

Déploiement international

Truly global: over 1.700 movie professionals from 90 countries.

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